Fun with Teddy and Pip

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Book 1: A Kind of Sense - COMING SOON!

        The kickoff for a new series for teens, Silver Linings: Part 1 is full of mystery, romance, and humor! The life of 14-year-old Lucy Mackensie is one fast-moving roller coaster! Once upon a time, Lucy lived with her mother, Elise, and her father, Mac. Because of the unusual circumstances of Elise's job as a doctor, they were constantly moving all over the country. Elise's final required assignment took her to Africa, forcing her daughter and husband to make their own way. Mac gets a job, for the first time in twelve years, as an English teacher at Pearson Academy, a private school near Minneapolis. The resulting discount in tuition allows Lucy to attend Pearson for her 8th grade year. Things are looking up for the Mackensies. Mac loves his job and Lucy loves her school. Mac is acting again with community theater groups, as well as a professional Shakespeare troupe. Lucy has an awesome best friend named Nadine, and possibly even a secret admirer! Their happiness is short-lived, however. One by one, the good things in their life disappear....

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