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Look Out for the Sick-Monster!

Posted on October 16, 2020 at 12:10 AM

The typing human said to talk about life in real time. That means life right now in the house and life of Teddy, Pip, Wally, and Amelia. So Teddy will do it. There is a thing out there, a sick-monster. It is bugs and bugs who are tiny and small and get people when they are not being safe. It is a bad, scary thing and people get sickly. There is coughing and hot and cold and other bad stuff. Teddy says this is no good and so people need to not get that thing. Okay? Okay! Stay safe. Do not do crazy stuff. Tiny teeny germ-bugs are hard to see and fight. Not even Pip can save that day, Teddy don’t think. They are teeny tiny monsters who want to sneak into people’s . . . persons. And then there is not-feeling-well, and nobody wants that. Soplease do the right things, people, okay? If you are in the college of my Wally, please do not sneeze or cough on him, okay? Do not sneeze or cough or drippity-drool on anyone. Okay? Wash your human hands and wash them again. Wash wash wash! Clean clean clean! And eat your veggies. Humans need to do more than that, so take your vitamins and drink water and wash your hands! Do not be sticky or full of germ-monsters. Do not do loud-talk close to other humans who you don’t know and love. Pip knows what I am saying about that. Don’t be like Pip, for now. Unless you are covering up your face with cloths, then maybe it is okay. But maybe not. The germ-monsters are very small, and they can fly onto other people! Don’t give them a headstart! Teddy is doing a big shudder-shudder about this blog. It is NO GOOD stuff! Be smart, people. When this is over, we will do usual and normal. But for now, we have to do . . . other stuff. Play with your pets, especially guinea pigs. Read books. Be loving of your family and wash your hands. Goodbye, germy-monsters, goodbye! The end. Wash your hands real good. Don’t sneeze or cough on people. Or guinea pigs.

The end.



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