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A Bit of His Story: Thanksgiving - by Teddy

Posted on November 18, 2012 at 6:15 PM

Dear Friends,

Today I will talk to you humans about Thanksgiving. My best friend Wally is a reader and he knows about this big long story called His Story. Whose story? The whole big world’s story, I guess. Wally has books and books and books so the story is so big it does not fit in just one or even one hundred. I know that is hard to believe, but it is true. I will tell you more of His Story at a later time. Today since Wally tells the part about Thanksgiving, which includes people called pilgrims and also others, I will share it with you.

Pilgrims came to our America from across the wide ocean on ships because they wanted a new chance at being what we all already are – and that is free. Free is the best of times! Pip is free to do his crazy singing, Teddy is free to do a blog or talk human talk to my best friends. Molly Jane is free to go to her school, be a detective, and also go to her church every week. So, thank you Pilgrims and others who worked so hard for free! Good job!

It was a hard time for those guys because America was different back then. There were no stores or hospitals and also no Petsmart. Everything was from scratch and it was cold sometimes and food did not grow easily. There were moments and more moments of sick or sadness or wanting to go back and take the way of ‘easy’ instead of ‘free’. But those pilgrims stayed tough and strong and then when there were best of times again that meant Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was not always the thing you think of in the day that is today: a day of eating lots and watching football on the TV. There was no TV at all back then. Can you believe it? There was not even football. Maybe no balls of any kind of sort. No refrigerators or microwaves. None of that much good stuff. So what was there to be thankful for?

The day started out in the long ago days to be a day of celebrating… veggies.

I am not lying even a little bit. Ask Wally if you need a second opinion. The first time this day happened, it was celebrating veggies. It was a party because people who knew the land helped others to learn to grow them. And then they sat down to eat. So, you see, that is why this day is my kind of a day or thing. I approve of it very much!

In later days as days went by, and months and years, the day of eating veggies was changed into a day of being thankful for the veggies (and other foods, too). It was a day to pray and be appreciating of what we have. Appreciating and thanking are good manners and I approve of that thing. Good job!

Later in time, a president called Lincoln decided that a day to be thankful for food and other good things was a good idea for all of America. He said, "Let’s do this thing every year on the fourth Thursday in the month of November" (probably because nothing else is happening in November). Good job Mr. President!

In the time of nowadays, Thanksgiving is a day when grown-ups like Dad Dan take the day off of their work for a change. Kids get a break, too. There is no school for Wally to be teaching. Teenager kids get to spend hours and hours sleeping on that day, the day after, and two more days after. For them this is a good deal. Younger kids get to be home from school and do that thing called driving parents crazy. Also there is a parade to watch on TV with big big balloons that Pip and me like to watch (but sometimes we get scared out of our heads and need to turn it off.)

For people who do not have a lot of money and not good times, this can be a hard day and so it is good when others help them with sharing food and money. People can be good and sharing when their hearts are in the right place. Overall, Thanksgiving is best of times! Families gather and there is cooking and eating, laughing and thanking. It is a good day, the best of times. Football is not what it is about, neither is shopping. It is about people, praying, thanking and food.

Thanksgiving is also a day of extra special times with guinea pigs (who do not especially want to wear pilgrim hats or anything else of that sort). We want to have special veggies and hear stories and music, and maybe watch some football with the guys. Do not expect us to help with the dishes. That is not how we roll. (Tee hee!)

That is all I have to say for now. Best of times wished on all best friends and their families.

Love & Wheeks,


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Reply Jennah
10:47 PM on November 19, 2012 
Dear Teddy,

Thank you so much for your blog entry about Thanksgiving - guinea-pig style! It is the thing of charming to read your ideas about this chapter of American His Story. It is always good to be reminded it is the best of times to share with others who might be having the worst of times.

Love and Wheeks,
Jennah, Nina, Mike and Terri

PS Will there be another book about Teddy and Pip's adventures? Please say yes!
Reply Goldie
3:50 AM on November 20, 2012 
Thank you for sharing that lovely piece of history with us all, Teddy. Best Thanksgiving wishes from me and all my pets!
Reply kyleigh
3:40 PM on June 7, 2016 
hi teddy! :)

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