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Summer and Veggies - by Teddy

Posted on June 22, 2012 at 11:25 AM

Teddy here, people, fans and others! It is summer now. Summer means the noise of grass cutting machinery and yelling boys outside of our house. Plus those squirrels. Squirrels are always running and digging and eating the food that Wally and Amelia put out for the birds. Pip and me are not crazy about birds, but outside birds do need their food and we are not sure that squirrels should be eating all of it. But they do. Squirrels are furry and their tails do flicking and curling up. They are some fun to watch most especially when they do a chase. Pip and me do a chase sometimes but we get tired soon and would rather eat hay or have a nap. Or watch the TV. Tee hee!

Our Wizarding Harry story is getting some scary and we need to take many breaks so we are not scared out of our little heads. Wally switched over to reading a story of "Hank the Cowdog" to us which is much funny and not scary, except when there are turkeys. Hank saves many days and lives in the place of Texas where it is hot sometimes and snowy for others.There are songs to sing and our Wally does a good job of singing them. There is a mean cat and we are not sure we are liking of that Pete, but we are liking of Hank and Drover very much. They have many adventures so we will make sure that our best friends get to the library many times and read them all to us.

Summer is also a time of things called fresh veggies. Veggies are things that guinea pigs love most of all and when they are fresh they are bringing joy and more joy to us so we will squeal for them and probably push each other around some to get at them. So two bowls are a good idea, with the same veggies in each. Pip and me will eat really fast so we can go get the veggies from the other bowl. It is a race and sometimes can mean squeaking and shoving. Tee hee! Do not worry, humans, we are ony loving veggies, not hurting guinea pigs. Fresh cucumbers and lettuce, parsley and tomatoes! Grow a garden, people, it is not a hard thing to do I am sure. Give your guinea pigs fresh veggies! Do not give guinea pigs the green parts of tomatoes, they are the worst of news and times. Don't do it! Also do not give them avocado or chocolate. Guinea pigs are smart guys and will not want that stuff, but do not trick them into trying it. Thank you for listening.

Molly Jane did a fun game for Pip and me called 'obstacle course'. It was a lot of tunnels all in a row with treats along the merry way - some tunnels were made of this stuff called cardboard, some were boxes with cut-out doors, sometimes she used pillows leaning on each other. It was fun for guinea pigs to go through this thing and to find a reward at the end of it all which was fresh veggies. Pip pretends we are secret agents and does songs about it. Maybe he will tell of his secret agent song in the blog he will do. If you are lucky, he will not.

It is time for your friend Teddy to hide now because Wally is coming at me with those things of nail clippers and that is worst of times. Wish me luck, people. Over, out and NO GOOD!

Wheek wheek,



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