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Posted on April 25, 2012 at 8:40 PM



The typing human tells Pip to stop yelling, so I am not yelling anymore. But it is not bad manners, it is helping all humans to hear me better. But I will stop the yelling anyway. Hello human fans and friends! I am Pip. Pip is me. It is fun to say - and fun to be. Pip. Pip pip pip pip. You are not so lucky to have a fun name like me. Sorry humans. But that is the way it is. It is the truth.


I come from Petsmart where pets who are smart come and go. I am a rock star and I write songs. My songs are hit singles and that is the truth. Read the books and then you will know what I mean.


Teddy says some songs of mine are bad manners, but that is not true. Mom is no good, she does not do what she should. That is the truth.


Pip tells the truth. It is good to tell the truth.


Max is a dude who eats dude food. That is the truth, too.


I don't know much about corn. That is the truth.


Kids need to eat their veggies. That is the truth.


I am all done with blogging now. I need to write a song about kids not eating veggies and then watch my favorite TV shows for a long long time before I write another hit single.


Peace out,



P.S. We watch a show about singing chipmunks, Teddy and me, and it is some funny and those chipmunks have hit singles alright! But they are not as cool as me. And are some squeaky, I think. Chipmunks do not eat the right things, I am telling you that right now. But they do like their Spongey Bob show so that is all right with me.

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Reply Poopsie
7:50 PM on May 12, 2012 
I am almost a mother now!
Master will be grand master!
The best moment of my life!
I am having babys!
Reply Poopsie
7:56 PM on May 12, 2012 
I am the new guinea pig in this house because Lil betty (We will not discus about it!)
Master and I watch TV alout apesslelly on the weekends but today is different, I will give babys tomorow! Yay!
- Poopsie

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