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Fall Update

Posted on October 16, 2020 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys!

It’s time to do some blogs, right? Been a while. Well, life sure hasn’t been very normal, has it? Ever since, like, early springtime? Whoa. Totally not normal. One thing I miss so much is seeing my grandma club. It’s super hard to not be able to hug them and sit by them, play cards and all that fun stuff. No more bringing Teddy and Pip (and other pets) to Shady Acres for fun parties. For now. That’s the thing to remember. That’s what Mom keeps saying. It’s not forever. Just for now. So for now, what I can do (and do do) is see them through the windows. And I write and make cards a lot. I got phone numbers, too, so I can call up and talk to them one-on-one. So my advice for all of you, if you have people you love in your life who are older or who are in danger of getting sick, do what you can to let them know you are thinking about them. But don’t be risky with their health. They need to still hear from you somehow. They need it so bad! Just saying.


Other stuff . . . well, I have a bunch of different cloth masks that I wear. Mom made them with fun cloths. I have (of course!) a guinea pig one that is SO CUTE! They make my nose feel funny. It isn’t a bunch of fun to actually wear them – BUT! But I do it because I don’t want anyone who I like or love to get sick. Or me either. Our house rule is to wear each one once and then dump it into a bucket in the laundry room to get washed and don’t touch it any more than you have to! Pretend it’s totally gross and full of germs – eww! Anyway . . . It’s so weird that it isn’t so weird to see masks on people anymore, right? You see people wearing these things and don’t think it’s weird. Right away. Until you think about it more and then it hits you that it’s SO WEIRD! I miss seeing people smile and stuff. I can’t wait for this to be over.


School isn’t exactly normal this year, but I’m lucky that I get to go in person. Not everyone does, and I’m sorry for people who are still or mostly at home. We did online school at the end of last year, and it made me kind of jumpy and my eyes sore. I missed my teacher and my friends and lunches together. . . . We have to wear masks all day at school and sit far apart and do other different things than usual. We get our temperatures checked every morning, which was super weird at first, but is feeling more normal now, I guess. It’s a big relief to go outside because then we can take off the masks for a while.


Daddy has been working at home for a long time now. He sits in his office all day long and gets lots of work done, he says. He doesn’t think he’ll want to go back to driving to the city after this stuff. Mom likes having him home and he sure loves having a super-good lunch with her every day. Tweets is happy too because he gets extra people around! I think pets have no problem at all with life right now.


Mom says lots of people are baking, so she can hardly even get the stuff she needs for making bread. Weird, huh? Like, all of a sudden, everyone is a cook. Or has no choice because they don’t want to, or can’t, go out? And there was, like, no TOILET PAPER for a long time in the beginning. We are all glad that that problem went away. What in the world was up with that? Daddy had a birthday back in April, and somehow, his dad found him a bunch of TP, and that was his present and Daddy was SO HAPPY! Weird.


Wally is a college teacher, as you know, so he has a lot to deal with. He does some of his teaching on the computer and some in classrooms. He has to wear a plastic face shield and says it makes it hard for him to talk right or loud enough. Kids in college can be kind of cuckoo, so he has to be extra super careful to stay away from their germs. In case they aren’t following the rules. But Wally is being real careful because he needs to keep Amelia safe. Teddy and Pip wouldn’t get sick - this is only a human thing, by the way.


Max is doing college online for now. He lives at home instead of at the school and watches his classes on a computer. He says it’s okay except he gets sleepy and sometimes falls asleep and misses the whole thing. I don’t think that’s going to work out very well for him.


Mom and Amelia’s lives aren’t too different, except for wearing masks at the store and in church and stuff. Mom talks on the phone a lot more than she did before instead of getting together with friends for coffee or whatever. Amelia keeps on writing her books. I guess she hasn’t traveled or done signings for a while, but she doesn’t seem to mind. And the guys LOVE IT that she hasn’t left the house hardly in six months.


I think most people are so tired of all this, like, totally sick of it (pardon the pun!), but it is what it is, as Daddy says. It’s still out there and we have to be careful. It won’t go away just because we don’t like it. We can’t pretend those little tiny germs aren’t real. Sorry if my blog sounded like a big school-like lesson. By the way, the new book - which is coming out for Christmas! - is going to be about real normal life. I mean, normal like not about the virus. If that makes sense. We all decided that would be more fun for everyone. I wish you all luck and good health! Please be safe and keep everyone you love safe too!


Over and out,

Molly J. Fisher


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