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Not So Normal Times

Posted on April 18, 2020 at 12:40 AM

Hi guys, it’s Molly. Teddy is letting me share his blog today because I don’t have my own yet. That’s okay with me - don’t worry. I’m more of a talker than a writer most of the time. Anyway, I wanted to give you some ideas for how to handle this time of being home a lot, not being able to see friends and all that stuff. I know it’s weird. Believe me. I have a good imagination, and I couldn’t have come up with this in a zillion years, I don’t think. But that’s how it is and we need to do our part, right? My biggest suggestion is this, and it won’t surprise you guys very much: do nice things for other people, especially your grandmas and grandpas. I have lots of them because I adopt every one I meet. But all of them like to get cards and letters and phone calls. Make sure all of the people in your life who you can’t see right now know that you are thinking about them and love them. My other idea is to spend lots of time with your pets! I think those guys are the ones who are happiest about all the crazy stuff. Lots of long walks for the dogs and extra attention for the rest of them. Tweets and I are spending lots of time together, and I am hoping he will learn some new words. Or else a mystery will come up for us to solve together. Of course I specially recommend spending extra home-time with your guinea pigs.



The other thing is reading books. Find something you really like and read a lot. For one thing, it gets you "out of the house," sort of, and into some other place. In your imagination. I think that’s pretty cool. You could come to my house, for example! Read the Teddy and Pip stories, and that’s like hanging out with me! And Max. And Wally and Amelia. And my mom and dad. And, of course, the guinea pigs. Even if you've already read a book, I think it’s cool to read it again, especially if it makes you laugh.



Hang in there, everyone! If you want to get in touch with me, you can send me questions on the Q&A page of the website. I promise to get back to you as soon as possible. And send questions to Teddy and Pip, too. They love that.



Molly J. Fisher,


Over and out




Hello friends and fans! Teddy now talking. Teddy talks and the human types and types and wow-y wow can she type fast! Words and words and words . . . and Teddy really hopes she tickety-types what he is saying and not different jokes and tricks. Did Teddy say that stuff before? Maybe. That is what Teddy thinks about when he is doing blog.



So, hello. It is Teddy, Theodore Hamilton III, talking to you today. It is springtime and there are birds and birds in the outside and also many squirrels doing their squirreling in the very yard of Wally and Amelia. Pip and me watch them doing their things and run-run-running and it is some fun. We do not like to see the neighbor dog of Nubb. That is a big dog who has a mouth that is too big and a bark that is too loud. Eeek! We very much want to never see that thing in our perfect house. No thank you.



Teddy would like to say the thing of be nice to your guinea pigs. And to your mom and dad and brother and sister and even to your cats and dogs. And all others. All are home and squishy-squished and times are not normal. That is what my friend Wally says. We are not doing normal. For a time. So we need to be kind. Pip is having a hard time with that thing, but Teddy knows how to be kind. Most of the time. Guinea pigs need extra petting and veggies. Yes, veggies are good. Kids can be kind by not dropping stinky socks on the floor for their Mom Jane to pick up. Do not put garbage here and there – PU! And always be quiet when the Dad Dan is napping. Read books, like Molly Jane says. Books about Teddy and Pip are the best. We like to share our adventures. Do not watch TV all the day long. That is no good. TV is funny and fun, but not all the time. That is what Teddy thinks. Pip would like to watch TV all the time and all the time, but Wally and mostly Amelia take away the remote control and say it is reading time and that is that. Best of times! Ask your mom or dad or other kid or your smart pet to read books to you. That would be very fun. Or read them to yourself. And maybe do helping around your houses with clean-up and taking garbage away – PU! Yes. That would be good. Keep guinea pig houses clean and give them treats. Lots of veggies.



Times will be more normal again and that will be good. Be safe and sound and remember to be nice to your guinea pigs.



Love & Wheeks,




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