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Teddy Wishes All the Happiest and Jolliest!

Posted on November 24, 2019 at 5:05 PM

Hello, people! Teddy blogging. Or speaking. Or talking. It is Teddy here, is what I mean to say. Pip and me are saying hello and howdy and coming to you after a long time of not. Of not saying much. Sorry. It is not our fault. It is the human who is supposed to tickety-type away what words we say. Anyway and anyhow, Teddy does want to talk to you a lot more times than he does. Teddy loves the people, especially best friends who are reading the blog! I will not say about Pip. Pip likes to sing and rock and scream more, Teddy thinks. But he, too, loves the people. Believe Teddy about that stuff.


It is a favorite time now for many and also Teddy. It does not matter to us guinea pigs if the outside is hot or cold or white or green. We have seen white snow and snow and snow, and maybe we do not prefer it. But we also do not like outside no matter what color it is. We prefer inside where we are safe and sound. So it does not matter about white Christmas or any other color. Sometimes it is brown or green. Maybe there are not other colors. Teddy does not know for sure. I will ask Wally and Amelia and get back to you.


We like times of being with our favorite and best friends, and that is why we like this Christmasy time of the year. Pip and me like the songs and stories and also the treats when they come to us. Presents are good too. We do not mind that one bit. Most times, we get a new book to get read to us, and we like that a lot. Some books scare us out of our heads, and we do not prefer that. We like fresh new cuddle cups or sleeping bags and maybe chew toys, too. Sometimes Pip gets a jingly ball to push around, and that makes our cozy home very loud, loud, loud! It is also less wonderful when Pip gets noisy music stuff like xylophone and other horns. Oh boy. But Teddy still likes and loves his Pip, no matter what.


Wishing you and your favorite people all the happiest and jolliest of times this Christmas!


Love and wheeks!




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Reply Sarah
3:26 PM on November 30, 2019 
Love you Teddy! I'll be reading your new book soon and I'm excited to find it under the Christmas tree next month. Love and wheeks......
Reply Teddy
4:50 PM on November 30, 2019 
Sarah says...
Love you Teddy! I'll be reading your new book soon and I'm excited to find it under the Christmas tree next month. Love and wheeks......

Teddy love love loves Sarah! Hoping the new book brings many tee and hees under your tree!

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