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New Best Friends and Regular Times

Posted on January 24, 2019 at 10:30 AM

Hello to every reader! This is Teddy now, talking and watching the human type type type with fast fingers every word that Teddy even says! It is something to see. I hope that person is making the typing words the same as what Teddy is saying and not doing tricks or jokes instead.

Teddy is happy to say that new friends are coming into the club from a school in a state that is not so very far from New Jersey where we live! That state is called Virginia. It is not so far away like Mini Soda or that place of Molly Jane’s cousins called Wiss Consin. We are glad that you people are closer to us. Pip and me would not be sad if our Amelia only went to your state for her trips and not farther and farthest. But the thing Teddy wants to say most of all is hooray for the new friends and school kids! Welcome to our adventures! If you want to ask questions of Teddy or that crazy Pip, or any of the Best Friends Club (or EVEN Mom Jane), you can do that stuff. We like to talk about our ideas and thinks.

Blog is about whatever Teddy wants it to be about. That is easy and hard at the very same time. Teddy likes to talk about veggies, but maybe kids do not want to talk about them so very much. I do not know why that would be true, but Molly Jane tells Teddy that kids like more to talk about candy. So Teddy has to love veggies only with Pip and our friends who are not kids. Teddy would love to love veggies with all of his best friends. So think about it, okay kids? Okay!

Teddy will also say that no crazy adventure is going on in the life and time of Teddy or his Pip for right now. That is a good good thing! Guinea pigs like regular and peace and quiet and no times that are a good story for humans to read. So, for now, this blog is what you get to read. Until something no good happens and then there will be a book.

Time for Teddy to take a nap, if he can get that Pip to stop rock and rolling so much. That is not an easy thing to stop.

Love and wheeks,


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