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Pip Don't Know What to Say

Posted on January 24, 2019 at 10:30 AM

Hello friends, fans, and others! Pip here, doing the blog. The writer person says it is time again to do that stuff, so Pip will not say no to that. Not now. Later, he will be busy with rocking and other things. Pip does not have all day to do bloggity-blogging and other stuff like it, so, do not think he will do that all day long. But do not worry because now is the time for that and so, here I go!

Pip don’t know what to say today because it is not the time of Thanksgiving this time around. So, he will have to think some thinks that are different. You will have to wait while Pip does his big thinking. Maybe I will need to ask Teddy, my friend, to help with that stuff.

Okay. Here are things that Pip likes and does not like – best of times and worst of times. Do you like that stuff for a bloggity blog time? Teddy says already Pip has talked about stuff he does not like and so he needs to talk about something nicer. But I say this is what I will talk about anyway. I will talk also about good things that I do like, so it is fair and okay. Okay. Here we go!

Pip likes crunchy crunchy veggies. Lots and lots of that stuff. Lots and lots of times. Yum yum yum!

Pip likes reading time very much.

Pip likes TV.

Pip likes run run running.

Pip likes to scream and scream and to watch humans do the stuff like cover ears and say, “Whoa!” Tee hee! It is much fun and funny.

Pip is fun to be.

Pip likes his best friend Teddy and also loves his Wally and Amelia. And Molly Jane Fisher and Dad Dan.

There are other things that Pip likes and loves, but I do not have all day, so now I am going to talk of what I do not like or love. And then I will go work on my rock songs. Here goes!

Pip does not like Do Not Say The Name. Or Vader. Or other bad guys. No way no how! Eeeeek!

Pip does not like baths or toenail trimming.

Pip does not like grab-grab-grabbing hands – only just gentle and careful hands from best friends.

Pip does not like the words of “no” or “wait” or “not yet” or “I don’t think so” or “maybe not” or other things that mean Pip does not get what he wants.

Pip does not like turkeys.

Pip does not like MONSTERS!!!!

Pip does not like tapping and clicking and scary sounds or other scary stuff.

Pip does not like maps or elephants or reindeer!

The end!

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