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Thanksgiving - by Pip

Posted on November 22, 2017 at 3:50 PM

Thanksgiving is a day for food

Thanksgiving is a day for thanks

Thanksgiving is good if you do it like you should

Thanksgiving is a day for friends

Thanksgiving is a day for cooking

Thanksgiving is a day for a mess

The people set up and then clean up too

But kids do not have to do that stuff (or guinea pigs either! Woo hoo!)

Thanksgiving is a day for games

Thanksgiving is a day for football (I guess)

Thanksgiving is a day for people together

And guinea pigs get extra salad and attention

The end! (BEST OF TIMES!)

That is a song about the day of Thanksgiving. Pip will finish it and make it longer and add guitar solos later, okay?

Be ready, people, because the new adventure story is coming! It is! It is coming and so you need to be ready! Teddy and me did adventure and there were monsters and bad guys and . . . Pip needs to not tell too much or you will be scared out of your very head.

Teddy talked much of reading books, and Pip says yes, that is true and good. Pip likes TV, but Pip likes books, too. Yes. Books are good, and they mean Wally or our Amelia sits and reads to us and does not go away and also there is cuddling and that is good. Yes, Pip likes that. Even Pip who is a busy rock star likes that stuff. That is my secret and it is out, fans. Mostly, Pip likes to rock, but sometimes, Pip likes petting and cuddling and quiet reading. A guinea pig cannot always be screaming, you know. The end.

Bye bye, people!


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