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Read Books! - by Teddy

Posted on November 22, 2017 at 3:45 PM

Teddy is here bloggity blogging in the time of November. It is the day of Thanksgiving tomorrow, but we already did blogging of the His Story and talked about food a whole lot, so far. So your friend Teddy today is going to say to you fans and people and friends that it is a good good thing to read BOOKS. Yes, that is what I am saying to you here and also now, even though it is the time of Thanksgiving. See, books are good for you, especially for kids. Books mean a kid can grow a thing called imagination. Imagination means you see things in your very head and make up stories and ideas and not only just look at TV or other things like games on little screens and machines. Books are good. Read them. Okay? Okay! Ask your mom or dad or brother or sister or aunt or uncle or grandma or grandpa or any other nice person you know or like or love to read to you. Okay? Okay! Pip and me, we do not read, not so far, and so we listen to reading. We like it very much. It is one of our favorites! I will now say that the books to be reading, most of all, are the ones about me and that Pip and our adventures. Tee hee! But it is true. Those books are best of times. I am sure of it. Also we like Dickens and sometimes Potter, but sometimes that stuff scares us out of our little heads. Molly Jane and others say to us that that stuff is only imagination and not real, but Pip and me are not so sure about that because our stories are about us and we are real, not imagination. It is some confusing.

Now I will end my blogging by saying a little bit about food, because eating is my favorite thing I think of at all times. Yummy salad and crunchy crunch veggies are coming and special hay and good water and . . . yay!

Have a happy day of Thanksgiving, everyone! And remember to have thankful ideas and thoughts in your head and not only just think "yum yum yum" and watch the football. Okay? Okay! I love my fans and friends!!!!!!


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