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TURKEYS - by Teddy and Pip

Posted on June 8, 2016 at 11:40 AM

This blogging is from both Teddy and Pip today because we have a worry in both of our heads right now and it is called turkeys in the yard. Yes, friends, there are those things in our very own yard nowadays and we are not happy about this. It is not the time of Thanksgiving - it is the time of summer, so it is not making sense to us that there are turkeys on our minds and in our very yard.

Turkeys are scary, and their beaks are big BIG BIG! They will eat a guinea pig if you let them, so do not let them into your houses, people!

They walk and walk and walk and sometimes chase, and then they peck and peck and peck and scritch-scratch with their big turkey feet. They truly do! WORST OF TIMES! They want to eat everything, and that means guinea pigs, too. They will knock on the door with their beaks and want to come in, but do not let them in, okay?

They have feathers and feathers and feathers and wiggly red on their faces, and always they are pecking.

They do not say the word of "gobble," but instead it is words like "bloog bloog glob glup gloop." So do not believe the stories about "gobble gobble" – they are not true.

The bigger or biggest turkey is the boss and he has the feather-fan going on and walks real slow like he is in charge of the whole world. He scares us most of all, so especially do not let that one come inside.

Thank you for listening to this blog about turkeys. Have a nice day. Do not let them in.

Over and out,

Teddy and Pip

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Reply Sarah Donahue
11:56 PM on November 21, 2017 
This year I had a turkey in my woods and a turkey in my yard. They're very, very cowardly. I'll bet even you could chase one away, Pip.

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