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Garden Treats - by Teddy

Posted on March 19, 2015 at 1:15 AM

It is the time now of get ready for a garden! Garden veggies are the best of the best of times. You know that thing, I know you do. Grow some veggies for your guinea pigs and they will be happy. Gardeny sweet lettuce is a favorite thing of Teddy and his Pip. Our humans grow it for us and sometimes when outside animals do not eat it all up, like rabbits or others, we get to eat it up our little selfs. Mmm mmm! Also gardeny peas are best of times. Roly and poly and sweet. Teddy likes food very much so that is why I am doing blog about food instead of songs or other things that Pip likes to bloggety blog about.

But yes, Teddy’s song is a good time and I thank you fans for liking it and saying I am a twinkling star some of the time.

I hope you are all happy and well and having a springy springtime!

Read books and eat veggies!

Love and wheeks,



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