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Unplugged - by Teddy

Posted on August 6, 2013 at 4:35 PM

Hello people! This is Teddy and I am going to talk to you in this blog about things to do that are not about computers or phoney-phone-phones or TV or anything else you need to plug in or charge up. These are things kids can do even if there is a big boomy storm and the stuff called electric goes away for a while. I know this is hard to think about and maybe some scary, but do not worry, it will be okay.


Talking is a good thing. Take it from a guinea pig who does that thing, it is a good thing to do. Talking with a person who wants to hear what you are thinking about is much good and makes happy feelings. Teddy likes to sit with best friend Wally, best friend Amelia, or best friend Molly Jane and talk about things that we all like. Food is a good thing to talk about, and sometimes we talk about Pip and his crazy behaving. Molly Jane sometimes has troubles to share and her guinea pig friends have the answers to those things. Other times, we make up stories to make laughing happen and it is much fun! Try a talk with a human or guinea pig today!


Molly Jane likes to do a thing called crafts. This thing is about sparkling stuff and glue and paper. Sometimes other things. Guinea pigs are not to eat these things or even chew them up, so it is only a human fun thing, maybe only human girls. You will have to ask Molly Jane for more about that. Lots of times, she does crafts and they turn into happy loving words on paper for grandmas who really do need that thing. Send love and words to a grandma or a bunch of grandmas – and grandpas too, but not with so much pink or sparkles. Ask your mom about this stuff and they will help and then tell you to clean up the mess when you are all done. Do not let your guinea pig eat sparkles, glue, or anything sticky. They can chew on some paper if they want to.


Running. I am a guinea pig who sometimes likes to run. Mostly, I walk, but there are times when I want to run and run and it is some fun. Humans like to see this and do a lot of tee hee about it. People and guinea pigs should let their legs go the thing of “nuts” sometimes and have fun with full speed. But in a safe place with no dangerous cars, like in a big park with grassy grass. Guinea pigs can run anywhere in a house where it is safe and sound and the humans can be in charge of that safety thing. Pip and me have a special racetrack house and so we can run when we want, which is best of times. Pip can do much speedy speed and it is sometimes a worry for us all. After running, it is a good time for water, a snack and a nap.


Grow a garden for guinea pigs because fresh garden veggies are the best of best times. I think there was a blog in other days ago that I said this thing, but it is a good one and needs to be said again. There are these things or places called Farmer’s Market and there are veggies there from gardens of other people called farmers or gardeners, maybe. They know how to do the growing and those veggies are much good. Make sure the veggies you choose are safe for guinea pigs and then clean off the muddy mud mud, we do not like muddy or dirty stuff. PU.


Games and cards are good things, too, that are not plugged in and so do that, too. A family of humans can bring those things anywhere, even in a tent, or a fort that you make out of chairs and blankets. Molly Jane very much likes to do that thing in her house and then to use a flashlight light, and then Teddy and Pip can come in that dark tenty place for a while until we are scared out of our heads and need to get out.


Okay, I need to be done with this blog now because it is time for reading with Amelia and then we will do some music listening. Time with best friends is the best of all and I will add those two things to the good list I just finished – reading with friends out loud is the best of times and sometimes much funny, too – especially especially books about Teddy and Pip. And music is a good thing, if there is electric. Otherwise, you can sing or hum with your own voice, I suppose. Pip does that very much, as you all know.


Happy August and summer time to all!



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Reply kyleigh
3:49 PM on May 24, 2016 
hi buddy! you are the CUTEST!!!! when is your birthday? maybe i can get you more toys and a orange or apple! :D
Reply Teddy
9:52 AM on May 25, 2016 
Thank you Kyleigh! You are good and sweet and I will tell you now that my thing called birthday is on a day called July 24. Be extra good and sweet to your guinea pig on that day and that will be my good good present from you. Love and wheeks -- Teddy

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