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Little Yellow Birds - by Pip

Posted on August 6, 2013 at 4:35 PM

Hello fans, this is Pip speaking. It is time to blog. Maybe it is past time and I am sorry for that. I am a very busy dude, as you surely know, and my words are wanted by many many fans. So listen up and enjoy them when you can get them.


Amelia puts a bird feeding tube outside the window. I do not know why she did that thing, but now little yellow birds always are coming and going and going and coming all the day long. They make the sound only of FWEEEEEP! but do not talk with words. Molly Jane’s scary bird says words, but we do not like to speak of that bird. (Ooops! I spoke of him just now! Tee hee!) Anyway, those little yellow birds do not come in our house so we are safe from their claw feet and sharp beaks. That is why I am not afraid of them. Plus, they are teeny and tiny compared to us guinea pigs. Plus again they do not want to do anything but eat – little tiny black seeds, not guinea pigs.


Little Yellow Birds

Tweet tweet tweet

All they do is tweet and eat


I am working more on this song, it is not finished. It will surely be a hit single.


Summer is a good time for watching little yellow birds do what they do, but do not try to understand them, or any bird, because it is not possible.


Guinea pigs rule!


Peace out, dudes – Pip

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1 Comment

Reply milly
11:13 PM on December 27, 2016 
sup pip! i cant wait two here ur new song!!
and i am glad little yellow birds dont eat guinea pigs!!
guine apigs rule!!!!!!

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