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Christmas Presents - by Teddy

Posted on December 19, 2012 at 7:05 PM

What is a human kid or a guinea pig to do when it is the time of gift-giving and he or she is not able to go to a store because he or she cannot drive a car, truck, motorcycle, RV or even bicycle (because it is the time of winter)? What is he supposed to do if he has no money-card number to type in and buy things using the thing of computer-shopping? It is a problem for sure and I come to you today with advice.

The first answer and one lots of kids and all guinea pigs do is to ask a friendly human adult to do the shopping for you.

But! If you do not have any of that stuff called money, then you are in another leaky boat and we are right with you there. Pip and me do not ever get any of that money stuff for some reason so buying things is not at all possible. Since that is the boat we are floating or sinking in together, we have some ideas of how to give gifts without having any of it. Yes, kids, it is possible. Sometimes Christmas does not come from a store. (We learned of that from watching The Grinch on TV.) Are you ready for good ideas? Here we go!

CREATE. A good gift to give is one you make with your own hands and from your heart. Kids are the thing of creative and can make crafty crafts, pretty or exciting or interesting drawings, cards and other things from stuff they find around the very house they live in. Does your house have a thing called “craft drawer” or “junk drawer”? Or maybe interesting things are in your very room under your bed! Take a look. Add sparkles. Molly Jane does this most of the time with her crafty crafts.

MUSIC. Pip does that thing called writing songs, as you have to know, and songs (if they are nice) can be very good presents for people we like and love. Play or sing them very nice and your mom, dad, best friend, sister or brother will be appreciating and smiling. It is a good idea. Do not put the word “stink” in your songs.

BEING GOOD. This is a hard one for Pip, surely, but it is a gift that humans like a lot. If he will only be the thing of “not bad” that helps a bunch too. There are lots of things to say about this present and I will give each one its own number:

One important thing for guinea pigs to try is to be more quiet or less noisy. Pip can do the squealing so very much that our Amelia and Wally need to go outside into the cold wintry air to get a thing called “a break”. Turn down the volume on your voice. It is a good present for sure. Also no singing when humans have their bedtime. At least no loud singing. (That is mostly and only a Pip rule, I think.)

Being neat, or not being messy. Human kids have rooms where they put their many things and sometimes those things end up on the floor or on the bed or in a big mumble jumble. A present would be for those things to be put away in the place called “where it belongs”. Surprise your mom and dad with a cleaned-up room and see what happens. Pip and me try to do our potty in private and easy-to-clean-up places and not to throw food on the floor or anywhere else. Pip sometimes will chew up paper things and leave a big messy mess, but he is working on it. If being neat is too hard, “working on it” is a good present, too.

Eating vegetables. I only say this one for human kids. Pip and me think it is funny funny funny that eating veggies is a present for someone else because we love them so very much. Tee hee! Human kids can eat their veggies without any of that negotiating or begging going on and call it a present. But be careful not to give parents the thing called “a shock” by doing it too much. Tee hee! Kidding!

LOVE. The best gift of all is one of loving. Hug your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and pets and say the words “I love you.” This is a good good gift that makes good feelings come and stay. Guinea pigs cannot do hugging because our arms are not long enough for that thing. So instead we lick our humans’ hands and sometimes purr. Because Pip and me can do human talk very good we can say those words of love and we know that humans like it very much. Do it, kids. It is a good idea and much better than a Scooby Doo chia pet or any other thing like that from a store.

I know it sometimes surely seems that the time of Christmas is about shopping and wrapping, unwrapping and all of that stuff, but Christmas started out some many years ago because a very special baby came to save and love all people. He surely wants no gifts from the mall or for His birthday. He doesn’t even want gold or smelly fancy smells. He only wants gifts of us being nice to each other and some peace on earth would be good too. That is peace I talk about, not peas. Peas are good, though. We like those roly poly things, but that is not what this bloggity blog is about. Tee hee! Teddy sometimes gets the thing called “distracted” when I think about veggies.

Okay, friends and fans, I have said my stuff. It is time to get back to the story Wally is reading to Pip and me. It is A Christmas Carol by our Dickens. It is some scary because there are ghosts but Wally promises that the end will make us relieved and happy and full of Christmas spirit. We told Wally not to make us mad so we are pretty sure he won’t. Because it is Christmas and that would be a good present.



Merry Christmas to all friends!

I love you!


(Theodore Hamilton III)

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