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Teddy Wishes All the Happiest and Jolliest!

Posted on November 24, 2019 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (3)

Hello, people! Teddy blogging. Or speaking. Or talking. It is Teddy here, is what I mean to say. Pip and me are saying hello and howdy and coming to you after a long time of not. Of not saying much. Sorry. It is not our fault. It is the human who is supposed to tickety-type away what words we say. Anyway and anyhow, Teddy does want to talk to you a lot more times than he does. Teddy loves the people, especially best friends who are reading the blog! I will not say about Pip. Pip likes to sing and rock and scream more, Teddy thinks. But he, too, loves the people. Believe Teddy about that stuff.


It is a favorite time now for many and also Teddy. It does not matter to us guinea pigs if the outside is hot or cold or white or green. We have seen white snow and snow and snow, and maybe we do not prefer it. But we also do not like outside no matter what color it is. We prefer inside where we are safe and sound. So it does not matter about white Christmas or any other color. Sometimes it is brown or green. Maybe there are not other colors. Teddy does not know for sure. I will ask Wally and Amelia and get back to you.


We like times of being with our favorite and best friends, and that is why we like this Christmasy time of the year. Pip and me like the songs and stories and also the treats when they come to us. Presents are good too. We do not mind that one bit. Most times, we get a new book to get read to us, and we like that a lot. Some books scare us out of our heads, and we do not prefer that. We like fresh new cuddle cups or sleeping bags and maybe chew toys, too. Sometimes Pip gets a jingly ball to push around, and that makes our cozy home very loud, loud, loud! It is also less wonderful when Pip gets noisy music stuff like xylophone and other horns. Oh boy. But Teddy still likes and loves his Pip, no matter what.


Wishing you and your favorite people all the happiest and jolliest of times this Christmas!


Love and wheeks!





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Deck the halls with holly jolly

Fa la la la la, la la la la – LA LA!

What even is that thing called holly? (DON’T EAT IT!!!)

Fa la la la la, la la la la - LA LA!


Jolly jolly holly holly

Holly holly jolly jolly!

Fa la la la la, la la la la - LA LA!

Fa la la la la, la la la la - LA LA!


What means deck the halls, Pip don’t know!

Fa la la la la, la la la la - LA LA!

But do it anyway ‘cuz Pip told you so!

Fa la la la la, la la la la - LA LA!


Merry happy times are coming!

Fa la la la la, la la la la - LA LA!

Be nice to your pets and people!

Fa la la la la, la la la la - LA LA!





New Best Friends and Regular Times

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Hello to every reader! This is Teddy now, talking and watching the human type type type with fast fingers every word that Teddy even says! It is something to see. I hope that person is making the typing words the same as what Teddy is saying and not doing tricks or jokes instead.

Teddy is happy to say that new friends are coming into the club from a school in a state that is not so very far from New Jersey where we live! That state is called Virginia. It is not so far away like Mini Soda or that place of Molly Jane’s cousins called Wiss Consin. We are glad that you people are closer to us. Pip and me would not be sad if our Amelia only went to your state for her trips and not farther and farthest. But the thing Teddy wants to say most of all is hooray for the new friends and school kids! Welcome to our adventures! If you want to ask questions of Teddy or that crazy Pip, or any of the Best Friends Club (or EVEN Mom Jane), you can do that stuff. We like to talk about our ideas and thinks.

Blog is about whatever Teddy wants it to be about. That is easy and hard at the very same time. Teddy likes to talk about veggies, but maybe kids do not want to talk about them so very much. I do not know why that would be true, but Molly Jane tells Teddy that kids like more to talk about candy. So Teddy has to love veggies only with Pip and our friends who are not kids. Teddy would love to love veggies with all of his best friends. So think about it, okay kids? Okay!

Teddy will also say that no crazy adventure is going on in the life and time of Teddy or his Pip for right now. That is a good good thing! Guinea pigs like regular and peace and quiet and no times that are a good story for humans to read. So, for now, this blog is what you get to read. Until something no good happens and then there will be a book.

Time for Teddy to take a nap, if he can get that Pip to stop rock and rolling so much. That is not an easy thing to stop.

Love and wheeks,


Pip Don't Know What to Say

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Hello friends, fans, and others! Pip here, doing the blog. The writer person says it is time again to do that stuff, so Pip will not say no to that. Not now. Later, he will be busy with rocking and other things. Pip does not have all day to do bloggity-blogging and other stuff like it, so, do not think he will do that all day long. But do not worry because now is the time for that and so, here I go!

Pip don’t know what to say today because it is not the time of Thanksgiving this time around. So, he will have to think some thinks that are different. You will have to wait while Pip does his big thinking. Maybe I will need to ask Teddy, my friend, to help with that stuff.

Okay. Here are things that Pip likes and does not like – best of times and worst of times. Do you like that stuff for a bloggity blog time? Teddy says already Pip has talked about stuff he does not like and so he needs to talk about something nicer. But I say this is what I will talk about anyway. I will talk also about good things that I do like, so it is fair and okay. Okay. Here we go!

Pip likes crunchy crunchy veggies. Lots and lots of that stuff. Lots and lots of times. Yum yum yum!

Pip likes reading time very much.

Pip likes TV.

Pip likes run run running.

Pip likes to scream and scream and to watch humans do the stuff like cover ears and say, “Whoa!” Tee hee! It is much fun and funny.

Pip is fun to be.

Pip likes his best friend Teddy and also loves his Wally and Amelia. And Molly Jane Fisher and Dad Dan.

There are other things that Pip likes and loves, but I do not have all day, so now I am going to talk of what I do not like or love. And then I will go work on my rock songs. Here goes!

Pip does not like Do Not Say The Name. Or Vader. Or other bad guys. No way no how! Eeeeek!

Pip does not like baths or toenail trimming.

Pip does not like grab-grab-grabbing hands – only just gentle and careful hands from best friends.

Pip does not like the words of “no” or “wait” or “not yet” or “I don’t think so” or “maybe not” or other things that mean Pip does not get what he wants.

Pip does not like turkeys.

Pip does not like MONSTERS!!!!

Pip does not like tapping and clicking and scary sounds or other scary stuff.

Pip does not like maps or elephants or reindeer!

The end!


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Think about this: every person who reads, or has read to them, my Teddy and Pip stories will have a slightly different picture in their head of what Molly looks like. And Mom Jane, Dad, Wally, Amelia, Tweets, Nora, Benny Nubb and the houses they live in. Taylor Drive and the school will also be different for every reader. Uh oh, is that a bad thing? Do I really want or need for everyone to see these people and places just like I do?

No, it isn’t bad. I actually think it’s a good thing for all of us to use our own imaginations to ‘see’ the characters and places. It’s fun to create a little world, if only in our minds, and to go there for a little bit now and then. As a writer, I find it comforting to pop in and hang out with the Fishers, or with Wally and Amelia, to get my mind off of things sometimes. I think, in general, that’s what reading can do for us. It’s nice to be in charge of the world, too, I guess. Heh heh. Sometimes. For a while.

Have you ever read a book and really loved it and then watched the movie and thought the movie was just not quite right? Or was really wrong? The characters didn’t look and sound like they should. Why not? Because you finished them up, in your imagination, when you read the book. I’m not saying movies aren’t good – and sometimes even great. I’m only saying it’s . . . a thing. Even my favorite story of all time (The Lord of the Rings) gives me moments of “Hey, that’s not right!” when I watch the movies. And I LOVE the movies! But the story, as written by the writer, gave me pictures in my mind and that’s how it IS. And, also, they do change the stories around in order to fit them into a shorter timeframe. Or to add more action and adventure. After a while, if you watch the movie(s) more than read the book, the books can seem to be not quite right – which is really odd. Know what I mean?

Okay, I am rambling a bit today as I write this, as you can tell. Maybe because of the cold weather. It has been REALLY cold here in Minnesota, with temperatures dipping into negative numbers plus wind chills. I can’t sit at my computer near the windows, for now, so I am in the kitchen. We know how to bundle up around here, so it’s fine, don’t worry. We are tough up here and practical and have lots of fleece and fuzzy blankets. But I am trying to get going on a new T&P story and also work on my YA novel (Silver Linings), but sitting still too much mean I need to put on some gloves to keep my fingers warm. And then it’s tough to type. Crazy, huh? But that’s how it is in the upper Midwest. Sometimes. Some other times, it’s very hot. We truly do get it all here. That was Lisa Maddock, with the weather. Now back to our regular blogging . . .

I will end this rambling blog by saying to all new readers, and especially to the families of McHarg Elementary school, welcome to the world of Teddy and Pip! I hope it is a fun place to hang out. I hope you will let your imagination finish up the characters and places for you so you can ‘see’ them. I hope you will not get Pip’s melodies stuck in your head for days and days and days . . . unless you want them there. Tee hee! Then it’s fine. I love the idea of families sitting together in Virginia, reading my story. It gives me such a happy feeling. Best of times! So, have fun!

Happy reading to all!


I Am Thankful for YOU! - by Lisa

Posted on November 22, 2017 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello to all who follow Teddy and Pip, and happy Thanksgiving to you! Stay tuned because very soon, I will offer the special Christmas prices on all of my books! I wanted to take this opportunity to, once again, thank you all SO MUCH for your notes and comments and appreciation of the stories. You can’t know how much it means to me to hear that Teddy and Pip are known and loved all over the country and even outside of the country. If you like Teddy and Pip, could you let others know? You would be helping me so much by encouraging other readers to check them out. If you have a minute or two, could you (or your parent) tell people that you like Teddy and Pip by writing a review of the books on I believe those reviews really help get the word out and encourage more readers to give my books a try. I also encourage all of you to contact me, Teddy, Pip, Molly Jane, Wally, Amelia, or even Mom Jane through the website. Share a comment, question, idea, a good joke, or even a picture of your own guinea pig (or other pets!) to add to the pet page. We love hearing from fans here at Cavidae Press! Have you seen the list of best friends lately? Tee hee! Okay, I will end this now and get back to work on the next story. Thank you again for being there and for liking (or loving!) Teddy and Pip!

Love and wheeks,


Thanksgiving - by Pip

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Thanksgiving is a day for food

Thanksgiving is a day for thanks

Thanksgiving is good if you do it like you should

Thanksgiving is a day for friends

Thanksgiving is a day for cooking

Thanksgiving is a day for a mess

The people set up and then clean up too

But kids do not have to do that stuff (or guinea pigs either! Woo hoo!)

Thanksgiving is a day for games

Thanksgiving is a day for football (I guess)

Thanksgiving is a day for people together

And guinea pigs get extra salad and attention

The end! (BEST OF TIMES!)

That is a song about the day of Thanksgiving. Pip will finish it and make it longer and add guitar solos later, okay?

Be ready, people, because the new adventure story is coming! It is! It is coming and so you need to be ready! Teddy and me did adventure and there were monsters and bad guys and . . . Pip needs to not tell too much or you will be scared out of your very head.

Teddy talked much of reading books, and Pip says yes, that is true and good. Pip likes TV, but Pip likes books, too. Yes. Books are good, and they mean Wally or our Amelia sits and reads to us and does not go away and also there is cuddling and that is good. Yes, Pip likes that. Even Pip who is a busy rock star likes that stuff. That is my secret and it is out, fans. Mostly, Pip likes to rock, but sometimes, Pip likes petting and cuddling and quiet reading. A guinea pig cannot always be screaming, you know. The end.

Bye bye, people!


Read Books! - by Teddy

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Teddy is here bloggity blogging in the time of November. It is the day of Thanksgiving tomorrow, but we already did blogging of the His Story and talked about food a whole lot, so far. So your friend Teddy today is going to say to you fans and people and friends that it is a good good thing to read BOOKS. Yes, that is what I am saying to you here and also now, even though it is the time of Thanksgiving. See, books are good for you, especially for kids. Books mean a kid can grow a thing called imagination. Imagination means you see things in your very head and make up stories and ideas and not only just look at TV or other things like games on little screens and machines. Books are good. Read them. Okay? Okay! Ask your mom or dad or brother or sister or aunt or uncle or grandma or grandpa or any other nice person you know or like or love to read to you. Okay? Okay! Pip and me, we do not read, not so far, and so we listen to reading. We like it very much. It is one of our favorites! I will now say that the books to be reading, most of all, are the ones about me and that Pip and our adventures. Tee hee! But it is true. Those books are best of times. I am sure of it. Also we like Dickens and sometimes Potter, but sometimes that stuff scares us out of our little heads. Molly Jane and others say to us that that stuff is only imagination and not real, but Pip and me are not so sure about that because our stories are about us and we are real, not imagination. It is some confusing.

Now I will end my blogging by saying a little bit about food, because eating is my favorite thing I think of at all times. Yummy salad and crunchy crunch veggies are coming and special hay and good water and . . . yay!

Have a happy day of Thanksgiving, everyone! And remember to have thankful ideas and thoughts in your head and not only just think "yum yum yum" and watch the football. Okay? Okay! I love my fans and friends!!!!!!


November 30, 2016

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I thought it was time to have my say in the form of a blog entry after all these years behind the scenes. So, first of all and most importantly, I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of my readers! Your appreciation of my stories means more to me than I can even express. The notes I receive in the form of emails or comments or reviews really keep me going, and that is the truth. So thank you - very much!


On that note, I am happy to announce that my newest creation, Teddy and Pip’s Big Adventure, is now available! You can find it on - probably by the time this blog is posted, and for sure within a day or two. Best of times! I am taking pre-orders right now on my website. If you order before the 19th of December, I will get the books to you by Christmas.


I have always thought books were great gifts, and I treasured my own as a child and young adult. I can still recall curling up in a favorite chair during my week off of school with a new story to read. If you, like me, are considering the gift of books for Christmas, I hope you will check out my “2 for $15” sale! Any two books for a total of $15 (plus tax) on


For those of you new to the series, here are the stories listed in order:


  1. A Tale of Two Guinea Pigs
  2. The Bridezilla Who Stole Christmas
  3. The Trouble with Max
  4. Nubb Trouble
  5. The Case of the Halloween Spy
  6. Teddy and Pip’s Big Adventure


As long as I am on the subject of gifts, I ran across some really cool items for guinea pigs - who, of course, need presents too! Tee hee! Check out these cool non-tip bowls! I don’t know about you, but my guineas have always had a habit of tipping over their bowls and spilling food. The treat ball would be a great stocking stuffer too! Please take a look at the links below and support Janice and her daughter in their exciting and fun guinea pig-friendly venture!" target="_blank">" target="_blank">


And how about these cozies? I just love these things!!



As November wraps up here in so-far snowless Minnesota, my thoughts, like most peoples’, turn toward the busy bustling holidays. There are lights to string and halls to deck and, of course, gifts to buy. But in the back of my mind, I am beginning to plot out the next Teddy and Pip story. And in the middle or front of my mind is the finalizing of Silver Linings – a novel for teens – which has been very close to my heart for many years. I hope for that story to be available soon, so those of you with young girls moving into the tweens and teens can check it out.


Well, that’s all for now.

As Pip would say, “OVER AND COPY!”

And Teddy would say, “Over and over!”




TURKEYS - by Teddy and Pip

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This blogging is from both Teddy and Pip today because we have a worry in both of our heads right now and it is called turkeys in the yard. Yes, friends, there are those things in our very own yard nowadays and we are not happy about this. It is not the time of Thanksgiving - it is the time of summer, so it is not making sense to us that there are turkeys on our minds and in our very yard.

Turkeys are scary, and their beaks are big BIG BIG! They will eat a guinea pig if you let them, so do not let them into your houses, people!

They walk and walk and walk and sometimes chase, and then they peck and peck and peck and scritch-scratch with their big turkey feet. They truly do! WORST OF TIMES! They want to eat everything, and that means guinea pigs, too. They will knock on the door with their beaks and want to come in, but do not let them in, okay?

They have feathers and feathers and feathers and wiggly red on their faces, and always they are pecking.

They do not say the word of "gobble," but instead it is words like "bloog bloog glob glup gloop." So do not believe the stories about "gobble gobble" – they are not true.

The bigger or biggest turkey is the boss and he has the feather-fan going on and walks real slow like he is in charge of the whole world. He scares us most of all, so especially do not let that one come inside.

Thank you for listening to this blog about turkeys. Have a nice day. Do not let them in.

Over and out,

Teddy and Pip

Garden Treats - by Teddy

Posted on March 19, 2015 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (3)

It is the time now of get ready for a garden! Garden veggies are the best of the best of times. You know that thing, I know you do. Grow some veggies for your guinea pigs and they will be happy. Gardeny sweet lettuce is a favorite thing of Teddy and his Pip. Our humans grow it for us and sometimes when outside animals do not eat it all up, like rabbits or others, we get to eat it up our little selfs. Mmm mmm! Also gardeny peas are best of times. Roly and poly and sweet. Teddy likes food very much so that is why I am doing blog about food instead of songs or other things that Pip likes to bloggety blog about.

But yes, Teddy’s song is a good time and I thank you fans for liking it and saying I am a twinkling star some of the time.

I hope you are all happy and well and having a springy springtime!

Read books and eat veggies!

Love and wheeks,



Teddy Is Not a Rock Star - by Pip

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Things That Are NO GOOD - by Pip

Posted on January 31, 2014 at 5:35 PM Comments comments (2)

Today I will tell you the things that are NO GOOD from the clickety Best Friends Club sign-up. If you are not a best friend so far, this will help you to get a double gold star. And that is okay. It is a better thing to know these things about Pip and Teddy instead of thinking wrong things about us and what we like or love. Or do not like one bit.

- Elephants (Scary!)

- Max (NO GOOD! Tee hee!)

- Baths (NO WAY!)

- Tap water (NO GOOD!)


- Toe nail trimming (NOBODY LIKES THAT!)


- Corn (NOT FOR PIP!)

- Maps (MAPS ARE NO GOOD!!!!!)  

The rest of that list are the Best of Times things, so there you go. You’re welcome.

The end.


Here is a bonus: MY SONG ABOUT CORN – by Pip

Corn corn corn corn…

I don’t eat that thing called

corn corn corn corn…

I don’t know much about

corn corn corn corn.

The end

Unplugged - by Teddy

Posted on August 6, 2013 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (2)

Hello people! This is Teddy and I am going to talk to you in this blog about things to do that are not about computers or phoney-phone-phones or TV or anything else you need to plug in or charge up. These are things kids can do even if there is a big boomy storm and the stuff called electric goes away for a while. I know this is hard to think about and maybe some scary, but do not worry, it will be okay.


Talking is a good thing. Take it from a guinea pig who does that thing, it is a good thing to do. Talking with a person who wants to hear what you are thinking about is much good and makes happy feelings. Teddy likes to sit with best friend Wally, best friend Amelia, or best friend Molly Jane and talk about things that we all like. Food is a good thing to talk about, and sometimes we talk about Pip and his crazy behaving. Molly Jane sometimes has troubles to share and her guinea pig friends have the answers to those things. Other times, we make up stories to make laughing happen and it is much fun! Try a talk with a human or guinea pig today!


Molly Jane likes to do a thing called crafts. This thing is about sparkling stuff and glue and paper. Sometimes other things. Guinea pigs are not to eat these things or even chew them up, so it is only a human fun thing, maybe only human girls. You will have to ask Molly Jane for more about that. Lots of times, she does crafts and they turn into happy loving words on paper for grandmas who really do need that thing. Send love and words to a grandma or a bunch of grandmas – and grandpas too, but not with so much pink or sparkles. Ask your mom about this stuff and they will help and then tell you to clean up the mess when you are all done. Do not let your guinea pig eat sparkles, glue, or anything sticky. They can chew on some paper if they want to.


Running. I am a guinea pig who sometimes likes to run. Mostly, I walk, but there are times when I want to run and run and it is some fun. Humans like to see this and do a lot of tee hee about it. People and guinea pigs should let their legs go the thing of “nuts” sometimes and have fun with full speed. But in a safe place with no dangerous cars, like in a big park with grassy grass. Guinea pigs can run anywhere in a house where it is safe and sound and the humans can be in charge of that safety thing. Pip and me have a special racetrack house and so we can run when we want, which is best of times. Pip can do much speedy speed and it is sometimes a worry for us all. After running, it is a good time for water, a snack and a nap.


Grow a garden for guinea pigs because fresh garden veggies are the best of best times. I think there was a blog in other days ago that I said this thing, but it is a good one and needs to be said again. There are these things or places called Farmer’s Market and there are veggies there from gardens of other people called farmers or gardeners, maybe. They know how to do the growing and those veggies are much good. Make sure the veggies you choose are safe for guinea pigs and then clean off the muddy mud mud, we do not like muddy or dirty stuff. PU.


Games and cards are good things, too, that are not plugged in and so do that, too. A family of humans can bring those things anywhere, even in a tent, or a fort that you make out of chairs and blankets. Molly Jane very much likes to do that thing in her house and then to use a flashlight light, and then Teddy and Pip can come in that dark tenty place for a while until we are scared out of our heads and need to get out.


Okay, I need to be done with this blog now because it is time for reading with Amelia and then we will do some music listening. Time with best friends is the best of all and I will add those two things to the good list I just finished – reading with friends out loud is the best of times and sometimes much funny, too – especially especially books about Teddy and Pip. And music is a good thing, if there is electric. Otherwise, you can sing or hum with your own voice, I suppose. Pip does that very much, as you all know.


Happy August and summer time to all!



Little Yellow Birds - by Pip

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Hello fans, this is Pip speaking. It is time to blog. Maybe it is past time and I am sorry for that. I am a very busy dude, as you surely know, and my words are wanted by many many fans. So listen up and enjoy them when you can get them.


Amelia puts a bird feeding tube outside the window. I do not know why she did that thing, but now little yellow birds always are coming and going and going and coming all the day long. They make the sound only of FWEEEEEP! but do not talk with words. Molly Jane’s scary bird says words, but we do not like to speak of that bird. (Ooops! I spoke of him just now! Tee hee!) Anyway, those little yellow birds do not come in our house so we are safe from their claw feet and sharp beaks. That is why I am not afraid of them. Plus, they are teeny and tiny compared to us guinea pigs. Plus again they do not want to do anything but eat – little tiny black seeds, not guinea pigs.


Little Yellow Birds

Tweet tweet tweet

All they do is tweet and eat


I am working more on this song, it is not finished. It will surely be a hit single.


Summer is a good time for watching little yellow birds do what they do, but do not try to understand them, or any bird, because it is not possible.


Guinea pigs rule!


Peace out, dudes – Pip

Pip's Christmas Hit Single

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Hello humans! Pip speaking.  It is December and that is the time of Christmas. There was a time, some time ago, when there was no Christmas for Teddy and me. It was the worst of times. Amelia was a Bridezilla but she is done with that for now so I will not speak of it anymore.


Christmas is another time for Pip to be a star because it is a time of music. I have done Christmas songs before and they were hit singles. Here is a new song for you to love.


Christmas is stars and bells and song

Christmas will come but it takes too long (to come)!

Christmas is gifts most specially for Pip

(This is the part you should not ever skip!)


Christmas is no time for jokes and tricks (that is Halloween)

Christmas is no time for chicks or bricks (there is no good time for bricks)

Christmas is the time for love and joy

Christmas I much much much enjoy!



The end -- Pip

Christmas Presents - by Teddy

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What is a human kid or a guinea pig to do when it is the time of gift-giving and he or she is not able to go to a store because he or she cannot drive a car, truck, motorcycle, RV or even bicycle (because it is the time of winter)? What is he supposed to do if he has no money-card number to type in and buy things using the thing of computer-shopping? It is a problem for sure and I come to you today with advice.

The first answer and one lots of kids and all guinea pigs do is to ask a friendly human adult to do the shopping for you.

But! If you do not have any of that stuff called money, then you are in another leaky boat and we are right with you there. Pip and me do not ever get any of that money stuff for some reason so buying things is not at all possible. Since that is the boat we are floating or sinking in together, we have some ideas of how to give gifts without having any of it. Yes, kids, it is possible. Sometimes Christmas does not come from a store. (We learned of that from watching The Grinch on TV.) Are you ready for good ideas? Here we go!

CREATE. A good gift to give is one you make with your own hands and from your heart. Kids are the thing of creative and can make crafty crafts, pretty or exciting or interesting drawings, cards and other things from stuff they find around the very house they live in. Does your house have a thing called “craft drawer” or “junk drawer”? Or maybe interesting things are in your very room under your bed! Take a look. Add sparkles. Molly Jane does this most of the time with her crafty crafts.

MUSIC. Pip does that thing called writing songs, as you have to know, and songs (if they are nice) can be very good presents for people we like and love. Play or sing them very nice and your mom, dad, best friend, sister or brother will be appreciating and smiling. It is a good idea. Do not put the word “stink” in your songs.

BEING GOOD. This is a hard one for Pip, surely, but it is a gift that humans like a lot. If he will only be the thing of “not bad” that helps a bunch too. There are lots of things to say about this present and I will give each one its own number:

One important thing for guinea pigs to try is to be more quiet or less noisy. Pip can do the squealing so very much that our Amelia and Wally need to go outside into the cold wintry air to get a thing called “a break”. Turn down the volume on your voice. It is a good present for sure. Also no singing when humans have their bedtime. At least no loud singing. (That is mostly and only a Pip rule, I think.)

Being neat, or not being messy. Human kids have rooms where they put their many things and sometimes those things end up on the floor or on the bed or in a big mumble jumble. A present would be for those things to be put away in the place called “where it belongs”. Surprise your mom and dad with a cleaned-up room and see what happens. Pip and me try to do our potty in private and easy-to-clean-up places and not to throw food on the floor or anywhere else. Pip sometimes will chew up paper things and leave a big messy mess, but he is working on it. If being neat is too hard, “working on it” is a good present, too.

Eating vegetables. I only say this one for human kids. Pip and me think it is funny funny funny that eating veggies is a present for someone else because we love them so very much. Tee hee! Human kids can eat their veggies without any of that negotiating or begging going on and call it a present. But be careful not to give parents the thing called “a shock” by doing it too much. Tee hee! Kidding!

LOVE. The best gift of all is one of loving. Hug your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and pets and say the words “I love you.” This is a good good gift that makes good feelings come and stay. Guinea pigs cannot do hugging because our arms are not long enough for that thing. So instead we lick our humans’ hands and sometimes purr. Because Pip and me can do human talk very good we can say those words of love and we know that humans like it very much. Do it, kids. It is a good idea and much better than a Scooby Doo chia pet or any other thing like that from a store.

I know it sometimes surely seems that the time of Christmas is about shopping and wrapping, unwrapping and all of that stuff, but Christmas started out some many years ago because a very special baby came to save and love all people. He surely wants no gifts from the mall or for His birthday. He doesn’t even want gold or smelly fancy smells. He only wants gifts of us being nice to each other and some peace on earth would be good too. That is peace I talk about, not peas. Peas are good, though. We like those roly poly things, but that is not what this bloggity blog is about. Tee hee! Teddy sometimes gets the thing called “distracted” when I think about veggies.

Okay, friends and fans, I have said my stuff. It is time to get back to the story Wally is reading to Pip and me. It is A Christmas Carol by our Dickens. It is some scary because there are ghosts but Wally promises that the end will make us relieved and happy and full of Christmas spirit. We told Wally not to make us mad so we are pretty sure he won’t. Because it is Christmas and that would be a good present.



Merry Christmas to all friends!

I love you!


(Theodore Hamilton III)

A Bit of His Story: Thanksgiving - by Teddy

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Dear Friends,

Today I will talk to you humans about Thanksgiving. My best friend Wally is a reader and he knows about this big long story called His Story. Whose story? The whole big world’s story, I guess. Wally has books and books and books so the story is so big it does not fit in just one or even one hundred. I know that is hard to believe, but it is true. I will tell you more of His Story at a later time. Today since Wally tells the part about Thanksgiving, which includes people called pilgrims and also others, I will share it with you.

Pilgrims came to our America from across the wide ocean on ships because they wanted a new chance at being what we all already are – and that is free. Free is the best of times! Pip is free to do his crazy singing, Teddy is free to do a blog or talk human talk to my best friends. Molly Jane is free to go to her school, be a detective, and also go to her church every week. So, thank you Pilgrims and others who worked so hard for free! Good job!

It was a hard time for those guys because America was different back then. There were no stores or hospitals and also no Petsmart. Everything was from scratch and it was cold sometimes and food did not grow easily. There were moments and more moments of sick or sadness or wanting to go back and take the way of ‘easy’ instead of ‘free’. But those pilgrims stayed tough and strong and then when there were best of times again that meant Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was not always the thing you think of in the day that is today: a day of eating lots and watching football on the TV. There was no TV at all back then. Can you believe it? There was not even football. Maybe no balls of any kind of sort. No refrigerators or microwaves. None of that much good stuff. So what was there to be thankful for?

The day started out in the long ago days to be a day of celebrating… veggies.

I am not lying even a little bit. Ask Wally if you need a second opinion. The first time this day happened, it was celebrating veggies. It was a party because people who knew the land helped others to learn to grow them. And then they sat down to eat. So, you see, that is why this day is my kind of a day or thing. I approve of it very much!

In later days as days went by, and months and years, the day of eating veggies was changed into a day of being thankful for the veggies (and other foods, too). It was a day to pray and be appreciating of what we have. Appreciating and thanking are good manners and I approve of that thing. Good job!

Later in time, a president called Lincoln decided that a day to be thankful for food and other good things was a good idea for all of America. He said, "Let’s do this thing every year on the fourth Thursday in the month of November" (probably because nothing else is happening in November). Good job Mr. President!

In the time of nowadays, Thanksgiving is a day when grown-ups like Dad Dan take the day off of their work for a change. Kids get a break, too. There is no school for Wally to be teaching. Teenager kids get to spend hours and hours sleeping on that day, the day after, and two more days after. For them this is a good deal. Younger kids get to be home from school and do that thing called driving parents crazy. Also there is a parade to watch on TV with big big balloons that Pip and me like to watch (but sometimes we get scared out of our heads and need to turn it off.)

For people who do not have a lot of money and not good times, this can be a hard day and so it is good when others help them with sharing food and money. People can be good and sharing when their hearts are in the right place. Overall, Thanksgiving is best of times! Families gather and there is cooking and eating, laughing and thanking. It is a good day, the best of times. Football is not what it is about, neither is shopping. It is about people, praying, thanking and food.

Thanksgiving is also a day of extra special times with guinea pigs (who do not especially want to wear pilgrim hats or anything else of that sort). We want to have special veggies and hear stories and music, and maybe watch some football with the guys. Do not expect us to help with the dishes. That is not how we roll. (Tee hee!)

That is all I have to say for now. Best of times wished on all best friends and their families.

Love & Wheeks,


Pip's Blog Blog Blog-a-roo

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Hello to my fans! This is Pip doing the blog blog blog-a-roo. I have been busy busy busy with my rock star life and that is why this thing has not been done. Teddy said to me that it is past time and that means LATE for doing my part.




So here you go, here are my human words for you humans, then you need to let me get back to my music.




Blog blog blog blog blog blog blog.


I don’t like that word.


It sounds like a frog.




Tee hee!




Okay, fans, that was a joke or trick. I will say more than just that word over and over because that does not do any good for anyone.




Here is a joke for you:


What did the baby corn say to the mama corn?


Here’s the answer. Get ready!


“Where’s pop corn?”




I don’t eat that thing called corn. Do you?




I want to know what squirrels are doing with their time. Always they are running and squirreling around. They do not seem to write songs or save the day. Guinea pigs rule!




Is that enough or do you want more blog, fans? I need to get back to work because I am writing a song about the day of Thanksgiving and so it is a busy day for me. “Thanksgiving rocks off your socks” is the title and it is very much grooving.






Okay. Here is another joke:


Dude 1: somebody said you sounded like an owl.


Dude 2: who?


Tee hee!




Now are you happy fans? I gave you two jokes to tee and hee about. Be nice to guinea pigs on the day of Thanksgiving because they like to eat, too, you know.


Pip – over and out.

Summer and Veggies - by Teddy

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Teddy here, people, fans and others! It is summer now. Summer means the noise of grass cutting machinery and yelling boys outside of our house. Plus those squirrels. Squirrels are always running and digging and eating the food that Wally and Amelia put out for the birds. Pip and me are not crazy about birds, but outside birds do need their food and we are not sure that squirrels should be eating all of it. But they do. Squirrels are furry and their tails do flicking and curling up. They are some fun to watch most especially when they do a chase. Pip and me do a chase sometimes but we get tired soon and would rather eat hay or have a nap. Or watch the TV. Tee hee!

Our Wizarding Harry story is getting some scary and we need to take many breaks so we are not scared out of our little heads. Wally switched over to reading a story of "Hank the Cowdog" to us which is much funny and not scary, except when there are turkeys. Hank saves many days and lives in the place of Texas where it is hot sometimes and snowy for others.There are songs to sing and our Wally does a good job of singing them. There is a mean cat and we are not sure we are liking of that Pete, but we are liking of Hank and Drover very much. They have many adventures so we will make sure that our best friends get to the library many times and read them all to us.

Summer is also a time of things called fresh veggies. Veggies are things that guinea pigs love most of all and when they are fresh they are bringing joy and more joy to us so we will squeal for them and probably push each other around some to get at them. So two bowls are a good idea, with the same veggies in each. Pip and me will eat really fast so we can go get the veggies from the other bowl. It is a race and sometimes can mean squeaking and shoving. Tee hee! Do not worry, humans, we are ony loving veggies, not hurting guinea pigs. Fresh cucumbers and lettuce, parsley and tomatoes! Grow a garden, people, it is not a hard thing to do I am sure. Give your guinea pigs fresh veggies! Do not give guinea pigs the green parts of tomatoes, they are the worst of news and times. Don't do it! Also do not give them avocado or chocolate. Guinea pigs are smart guys and will not want that stuff, but do not trick them into trying it. Thank you for listening.

Molly Jane did a fun game for Pip and me called 'obstacle course'. It was a lot of tunnels all in a row with treats along the merry way - some tunnels were made of this stuff called cardboard, some were boxes with cut-out doors, sometimes she used pillows leaning on each other. It was fun for guinea pigs to go through this thing and to find a reward at the end of it all which was fresh veggies. Pip pretends we are secret agents and does songs about it. Maybe he will tell of his secret agent song in the blog he will do. If you are lucky, he will not.

It is time for your friend Teddy to hide now because Wally is coming at me with those things of nail clippers and that is worst of times. Wish me luck, people. Over, out and NO GOOD!

Wheek wheek,




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