Fun with Teddy and Pip

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“Teddy did not laugh even one time about this. Garbage is not funny.” — Teddy


Teddy and Pip are very good at keeping secrets. They hardly ever spill any beans! And now they have a new secret that they are keeping from everyone, even their best friends.


It is very secret. Shhh!


Meanwhile, something rotten is going on in the neighborhood as summer turns into fall. Molly Fisher and her friends are just starting fifth grade when a new case falls right into their laps—or at least into their yards. Suspects are everywhere, but clues are scarce.


Join Molly and the gang as they investigate this weird and tricky case involving baby squirrels, raccoons, monkeys, football, and lots and lots of garbage. PU!


Molly will need all the help she can get to solve the mystery before anything bad happens again. Lucky for her, there are more detectives than usual on the case. . . .

Pip is making his rock star dreams come true by putting his greatest hits to music! Now all his friends and fans can see the notes he sings in the books.

Check out the new Pip's Greatest Hits page for all kinds of rocking:

  • play MP3 clips of his hit singles

  • read the sheet music for each song

  • sing along with all the lyrics

Here's a rock star address from the star himself:


Best-of-Times for Best-of-Friends!

If you and your guinea pigs are signed up to be in Teddy and Pip's Best Friends Club, you could see your first names in the back of Teddy and Pip's next book!
You could even have a character named after you!
Then you will be a super famous rock star, just like Pip.

(Once you are famous, Pip would be happy to help you write your rock star songs. Tee hee!)

A Tale of Two Guinea Pigs

(Book 1)

Meet Teddy and Pip, two sweet, adorable, and funny guinea pigs. Their lives are full of treats and TV and best friends. It seems that everything is perfectly normal for them. But normal can't describe Teddy and Pip. They have a huge secret to keep....

The Trouble with Max

(Book 3)

Teddy and Pip have known that Max is no good from the start. But what happens when all their other best friends are away and Max is the only one left to take care of them? They have to find a way to get rid of him and get their best friends back!

The Case of the Halloween Spy

(Book 5)

It is crispy, crunchy October, and Halloween is coming fast.  Time for costumes (for guinea pigs too!) and candy. But this year, it is also time for clues. Someone smart and sneaky is leaving a trail of them for detective Molly Jane Fisher to find. Too bad that, so far, the clues don't make sense at all. Who is this sneaky girl? What does she want? How does she leave so many notes without anyone seeing her do it? What does Elvis have to do with anything? Why is Benny Nubb in the middle of things? Is Tweets sending another Morse code message? But, the most important question of all - what (if anything) do the mysterious clues have to do with Teddy and Pip's big secret?

The Mystery at Christmas Castle (Book 7)

Molly's family is heading out of town (and so are you!) Get ready to leave snowless, muddy Westerfield for a few days with Wally, Amelia, Mom Jane, Dad, Molly, Teddy, and Pip. They are heading for a wintery adventure in a big old house in the country. Computer and phone service is a bit crackly, but the charm makes up for it (at least that’s what the owners say). Get ready to discover a creepy closet, a new music machine for Pip, a cool princess tower, and some fishy clues, pets, and people. Is the house actually haunted? Will Teddy, Pip, or both be the hero and knight in shining armor and save the day? Will Pip be able to write new hit singles so far from his home? Will there be Christmas miracles this year (or will the Grinch steal it like last year?). What will Tweets’ mystery turn out to be?

Of Pets and Dudes
(Book 9)
It is springtime in Westerfield, and the gang is making plans for a getaway. However, thanks to changing minds and situations - plus the complications of many people and pets - it isn't going smoothly at all.
Wally and Amelia need to find someone to watch Teddy and Pip, and fast! Molly's cousin Max kindly but nervously agrees to take the gig. Max, of course, ends up getting a lot more than he bargained for.

The Bridezilla Who Stole Christmas

(Book 2)

Christmas is coming and love is in the air! Nothing could spoil Teddy and Pip's favorite holiday! But this year, Christmas must've forgotten about the two special guinea pigs. There is no tree, no lights, no presents. What can they do?

Nubb Trouble

(Book 4)

The two sassy and amazing guinea pigs, Teddy and Pip, are convinced that monsters are tapping on the windows of their once-perfect little house, and all they want is to pack up the boxes and move away. On the other hand, Molly is ninety-nine percent sure that this latest Taylor Drive mischief is the work of the neighborhood bully, Benny Nubb. All she needs is some proof, and that mean boy will get in trouble with his mom and the tapping will stop. But getting that proof is harder than Molly thought it would be. On the bright side, Tweets seems to have all the answers. But everyone knows that you can't put a parakeet on the witness stand.

Teddy and  Pip's Big Adventure 

(Book 6)

The Star of the Week can bring a pet to school for show-and-tell day . . . but Mrs. Kelly says "no birds." Birds are too noisy, and some kids are afraid of them. This is too bad for Molly Fisher, of course, but if Tweets can't come. . . . (You know what's coming next, don't you?) Taking Teddy and Pip out anywhere is no small thing, but Molly is going to work hard to convince Wally. Add Hannah's mischievous, rule-breaking cousin Max into the mix with sweet Teddy and sassy Pip—plus the tricky nature of keeping the Big Secret—and let the crazy adventures begin!

Teddy and Pip and the No-Good Valen-Spy (Book 8)

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, but Molly Jane Fisher has way more than just valentines and candy on her mind. She also has a Grandma Club party to put together, a Morse code message from Tweets to decipher, sticky friend situations to resolve, talking guinea pigs to distract, and more confusion about Benny Nubb to sort out. But even more importantly, she has two very serious mysteries to solve. Thanks to Tweets' latest clue, Molly knows there's something suspicious about the guy her mom is interviewing to rent their garage apartment, but no one will take her seriously. Her parents have even forbidden her to do detective work on him! Plus, Max is going cuckoo trying to plan a Valentine's Day date for Sophie, Nora doesn't trust Tweets' clues anymore, and Molly's mom has asked everyone she knows to block Molly from using their computers to investigate.

Meanwhile, there is a snoopy, sneaky, spying reporter asking questions about Amelia. If he finds her, he might tell the whole world where she lives - and even worse, he might find out about Teddy and Pip's secret!

Speechless in Westerfield (Book 10)

Baths and toenail-trims and Pip is grumpy and tired of music? What is going on in Westerfield?! Summer was a lot of fun, but now it is September and time to get ready for school. Molly and her friends are about to start fifth grade, but things are not turning out quite the way they'd all hoped. Teddy and Pip have been playing round-the-clock bad guys, bad drivers, sharks, and sirens. Amelia has had just about enough of that. She is looking for a way to put a stop to it. And that has led to . . . well, you'll have to wait and see!

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What people are saying about the book:

"You will laugh. You might cry. You will MOST CERTAINLY be entertained."

"The whole story was really exciting and constantly kept me on the edge of my seat."

"This book has a little bit of everything - humor, romance, mystery, and suspense! Trust me, this book will capture your heart and blow your mind."

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